Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome to Postcards From Heaven - Michele Renee, Spiritual Medium - Biography

Welcome to Postcards From Heaven - Michele Renee, Spiritual Medium - Biography: "My whole life I have been gifted with the ability to know things
before they happen.' -- Michele Renee

From a very early age, Michele Renee exhibited the signs of a 'Medium' to be! She had a way of just 'Knowing' things before they happened. She was always surprising her mother by knowing what was planned for dinner, who was showing up at the door, and often knew when an absent family member was ill. Michele was quite often 'lucky' when it came to games of chance and drawings. She just seemed to know everything in advance.

Once out of school, Michele embarked upon a career, marriage, and family. As always, she remained close to her family members and friends, including a neighbor whom she was particularly close to. His name was Tony and he had been literally adopted into the family, knowing the young girl since she was a toddler. He was a beloved father figure in her life for many years. Even in adulthood the two remained very close.

Michele finally realized she had the ability to communicate outside the living world when something happened to Tony. He suddenly became ill and was hospitalized. The night it happened, she awoke from a particularly deep sleep to experience a vision unlike any other she had ever had. She was witnessing Tony making his transition to the other side."

comment - no postcards at all - a medium bridging between the physical plane and spiritual exsitence, as ever knowing all before it happens, a good thing to trick others into losing money - but nothing less of insolent cheating and stealing. Postcards - from Heaven - prices the whole and half our - quoted ..... this is a disgusting and for ever working business.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach: "VINTAGE IMAGES ! ! !

Featuring a small collection of historical postcard images of the Old Orchard Beach of yesteryear. The images include both illustrations and photographs, and date anytime from about 1900 to about 1960.

Aerial Views

More Aerial Views

Old Orchard Street

More Old Orchard Street

Old Orchard Street Looking Inland

Hotels 1

Hotels 2

Hotels 3

Hotels 4

Hotels 5

Noah's Ark

More Noah's Ark


The Rollercoaster

More Rollercoaster

And More Rollercoaster

Pier History

The Old Pier

The New Pier

The Pier 1

The Pier 2

The Pier 3

The Pier 4

The Pier 5

The Casino


The Peanutine Team

The South Beach

More South Beach

The North Beach

More North Beach

Old Orchard Beach Nights

More Old Orchard Beach Nights

Nights On The Pier

Greetings Postcards 1

Greetings Postcards 2

Greetings Postcards 3


A lovely site - a delicious piece of the art of collecting postcards - enjoyed my stay a lot - thanks

Friday, January 18, 2008

Animated Cat GIFs

Animated Cat GIFs: "Vhantoms - Animated Cat GIFs

happy kitty

We've included some of the animated cat gifs that we have found on the web. There are more on the next page. Click on the title to view the animation. Feel free to download them for your use, but acknowledge the original artist (if noted). We are striving to determine the original artists for all of these animations so that they may receive credit for their work. Please read this before downloading.

Please do not link directly to the graphics on this page, but we would appreciate a link to this site if you find these graphics useful. If you find any other animations that we should add or any that should not be here, let us know.

black cat with wagging tail large blinking black & white cat running"

Not a single post card to be seen on this site - I am wondering why webmasters use the post card keyword to register their site showing completely different content. Nothing to rate or describe here - good by - perhaps next time I drop in on a real post card site - who knows?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poland - my native country

Poland - my native country: "Hi! My name is Magdalena.
I live in Southern California.
I'd like to show you some postcards from Poland - small but amazing country located in Europe.

You can also see my photo at the bottom of this page. I'm the one on the left side of the picture, the other one is my friend, Iwona.
If you like this page send me an E-mail

If you want to see more photos of my country, go to

Poland - my native country


A good site - showing the burning desire of the collector to return to the country covered by her collection. Czechs and Poles are historically very close Slavonic tribes, originally the languages up to the 13th century or so had been so similar that we could understand each other. The postcards are mints and if I could advise the collector, than I would like to recommend her not to avoid used i e sent postcards from Poland - they have even more authenticity and hidden attraction for a modern collector than those fresh or mints have.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hobby postcards and stamps

Hobby postcards and stamps: "Hi and welcome ! !

I'm Svetoslav, 39 years old Bulgarian, living with my Norwegian family in Norway. Bulgaria and Norway are my favorite countries. Would you like to know more about them, don't hesitate to ask me. Would you like to get something from there, don't hesitate to ask me. I love hobbies, especially to play games, any kind of games, but CHESS and BRIDGE...Actually they are not a hobby, but a kind of art, a masterpiece of art ! I dreamed to be proffessional, but my destiny wasn't that. Studing Economics, enjoying travelling, knowing the world...Norway...What an amazing place to live ! I never could imagine I would live here, but my destiny...I met my Norwegian wife...
Collecting postcards and stamps. Why ? Well, I'm always interested in geography and love making new friends. That's why stamps and cards are my passion ! I love travelling and seeing pictures. And all these memories, keeping me !
Postcard collecting is my hobby
I shall not be bored.
It maketh me do research on faraway places.
It keepeth me alert .
It causeth me to correspond with strange people.
It leadeth me into new areas of knowledge"

A good site, logically structured and the collector shows the rare enthusiasm in the hidden beauties of the post card world: the new and the used ones - I have been encountering the mint post card collectors all the time but when I see a good and in depth approach - almost scientific, then I always see a collector eager to study the sent i e used postcards or stamps rather than the mints. Fine to learn that this is more and more usual criterion for the serious and sophisticated collectors.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


index: "Hi stranger! I'm Ausra from Lithuania and I want to share my desire with you. You thought something bad, a? :) You shouldn't, because what I have is something more simple, but same crazy!

My desire is postcards collecting. It allows me to see places I never saw, to know about culture and countries so far away from me, to meet new people...
For me postcards is something warm and forgotten...

Choose the link and dive into the world of my d"

The collectors from the Baltic states are very common and some have outstanding collections tending to remember the old days of Hitxer's Third Reich - not very nice finding. Well we have to bear in mind that only these nations were allowed to have their own SS units and were running their own concentration camps - their Anti Jewish fervour and enthusiasm was praised many times by Adolf Hitl.r. I beg some of them is going to flag this post because they are glad to play double standard policy: pro-western and nationalistic or precisely speaking fascist in fact. If Goggles mangers would spot this post, I would be glad - if they do not have to many members from the Baltic ex Soviet States - to think about my words more than dismissing them as anti or hate content. Be aware that we can lose our liberty very simply and history is too bloody and repeating certain periond only because of plain business consideration is an extremely perilous game.


Megansett_postcards: "This is my collection of Megansett postcards, all images of Megansett, Mass and surrounding areas. I am committed to collecting every possible image available of Megansett, and, accordingly will buy, trade, or sell duplicates to expand my collection.

Cady Taft

A typical collection focusing only on the single site on our globe. These collection are historically highly significant and this is alwayes a labour of love and retrospective covered on these postcards may contribute to genuine historical discoveris.